The Paris International Tournament (TIP) was created in 2004. It's a multisport tournament open to everyone and promoting the practice of sport without any kind of discriminations. The TIP federates several tournaments, demonstrations and events organized in Paris by a team of volunteers from the LGBT+  Sports Federation (FSGL) and its member associations and clubs.

Every year the TIP gathers more than 2,000 athletes from all around the world, taking part in about 26 disciplines in a spirit of tolerance and friendship. On competition and around, this tournament participates in the struggle against discriminations (sexual orientation, gender identity, age, origins, religion, body type, handicap...) but also against homophobia in sport.

The TIP will be back from 3 to 5 june 2022.

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The International Tournament of Paris is supported by these Institutions

Discover Sportive policy from City of Paris (in French)

The City of Paris

The City of Paris applied, then supported the organization of the Gay Games in the summer of 2018, to debate, raise awareness specifically on the fight against homophobia and reduce biases. The organization was a great success and brought together 30,000 visitors and participants from 91 differents countries and 75,000 spectators round festivities, cultural events and 36 sports competitions.

Sporting event open to all, at all ages, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic origin or disability, the Paris 2018 Gay Games marked the Parisian summer with activities and festive entertainement that highlighted values of equality, respect and sharing. Every year, the city also supports the "Paris International Tournament" (TIP), which brings together more than 2,000 athletes from around the world in nearly 30 differents sports, under the banner of tolerance and friendliness. The TIP is organized in Paris by a team of volunteers from the LGBT+ Sports Federation and its member associations.

Please find the document "Paris + Sports", which page 48 citing the FSGL and its sports associations that contributed to the text.

The ANS from Ministery of Sports

Discover the new missions of CNDS, that has become ANS (National Agency for Sport) in april 2019.

The Dilcrah under Prime Minister authority

The DILCRAH – Inter-ministerial Delegation fighting against racism, anti-Semitism and hatred of the LGBT+ people is supporting the TIP 2019 in his actions  against all discriminations in sports.

The delegation is placed since novembre 2014 under the Prime Minister's authority. Its mission is to impulse the public action in terms of struggling against racism, anti-Semitism and hatred of the LGBT+ people.