A tournament open to all, whatever the level!

The TIP is intended to be a sporting event open and welcoming to all: hetero, lesbians, gays, bi, women, men, trans, binary or non-binary, young, seniors, disabled, whatever your personal situation and personality, with programme rich in sporting activities and festivities.

The TIP’s organization has been designed to include everyone who would like to participate, around the values of sharing, diversity, respect and exchanges with the goal of surpassing themselves.

Our approach...


Whatever your age, take part in the TIP in the sport you practice or why not try another of the sports offered.

Come and enjoy this event dedicated to new meetings and exchanges or take part in the organization as a volunteer alongside our teams.

You can practice a “wellness sport” in a caring environment where the goal is to give your best without any level requirement.



The TIP is dedicated to welcome trans people in the best conditions. It respects, has signed and implemented the charter « Sport & Trans » : see here (link to Fsgl charter)

As a general rule, the TIP offers anyone to register in the gender they wish. Any participant is accepted without fuss, judgment or prejudice.

You can also take part in the organization as a volunteer alongside our teams.



From the age of 18, come and join us to practice your favourite sport take part in the organization as a volunteer alongside our teams.

Youth from all over the world will be in Paris the week-end of the 29, 30 and 31st May 2020: a perfect opportunity to meet some great people!

Don’t forget to check our festivities programme here! !



Many of you have already joined us as participants or as volunteers.

We look forward to welcoming many more of you, so don’t hesitate to register!

You will surely find an activity that suits you in the athletic or cultural programme. Come and attend, support, or volunteer for this amazing adventure!



The TIP is a tournament open to all who wish to participate, and we believe that everyone is able to practice a sport!

If you need any information about an event, a sport, or an infrastructure’s accessibility (special link to come later) regarding disability, do not hesitate to contact our inclusion manager here, to help you with your inquiry and enable you to take part in this amazing event.