The LGBT+ Sport Federation (ex.FSGL) brings together nearly 50 LGBT+ sports associations throughout France, and about 6,000 athletes of all levels. Its mission is to fight against discrimination, especially those related to sexual orientation or gender identity, and to promote sports for all.

Since 2015, the LGBT+ Sports Federation has been accredited as a sports association (sports accreditation provided for in Article L121-4 of the Sports Code). The reference of the approval is 75.MS.15.17.

The LGBT+ Sports Federation is an "affinity" sports federation, i.e. a multi-sports federation focused on human beings and self-development.

Our federation is national in scope, active in many regions such as Brittany, Hauts de France, Ile d France, New Aquitaine, Occitania, PACA and Auvergne- Rhône Alpes.

It is composed of:

- non-profit sports associations,

- individual members.

It was at the initiative of the creation of the TIP in 2003 (under its previous identity FSGL), and allowed its first edition in 2004.

Find all the detailed information on the Federation  website :