#Respect - Prejudices in sport

« Let's play sport together ! »


Even if statistical data are scarce because of a very present law of silence, there is still more than elsewhere in the sports world the risk of trivializing racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist or targeting people with disabilities. However, these comments can have the serious consequence of excluding the people who are victims of them.

Through six posters and a video, this campaign is structured around the six colours of the GLSF logo, those of the LGBT flag. It deliberately provokes, referring to shocking sentences heard on sports fields, in changing rooms or in everyday life. It is based on the clichés and stereotypes conveyed in the world of sports.

To raise awareness among all audiences, it highlights several discriminations in different sports, sexism, male and female homophobia, serophobia, ageism, gender identity and disability.

This campaign is based on the observation that the language used in the sports world is, even more than in other areas of our society, consciously and unconsciously imbued with insulting and degrading language based on many prejudices. Its aim is to raise individual and collective awareness of these violent stigmatizations in sport, to reject all these prejudices and thus promote respect for differences.

The Paris International Tournament, which brings together nearly 2200 participants from 23 disciplines, has as its main focus the inclusion in sports practice. Its organization takes into account the reception of all audiences so that everyone can flourish throughout the event in a caring environment where sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, age, health status... are not obstacles. Inclusive sport is an essential tool for developing respect for others and self-esteem in personal fulfilment and growth.