Registration is over!

The 15th edition of the TIP, version 2019, is officially launched!!

Opening Registration : 15/02/2019 - Closing Registration : 26/05/2019

During 3 months, you can register yourself to one of the biggest international tournament, in Paris!

About this TIP 2019, 24 sports and over 30 disciplines!!

Open to all without any discrimination relative to sexual orientation or gender identity, age, health safety, ethnical origin, handicap situation or sportive performances, The Paris International Tournament is INCLUSIVE!

Online payment is due to confirm participation. In case of cancelation, a refund could be done based on following : 75% until 31/03/2019, 50% until 21/04/2019, 0% until 26/05/2019. For any particular situation, please write an email clicking here.

All Programmes and details by sport are online in English version. Click on the appropriate sport to view them!!

New! The Sports Calendar!!

The TIP federates all clubs & sportive associations from FSGL organizing these competitions