What is the OUTREACH solidarity fund?

In order to be the most possible inclusive, the International Paris Tournament, as a commission of French LGBT association FSGL (Fédération Sportive Gaie et Lesbienne), has implemented the « OUTREACH » solidarity fund. The target is to make possible the registration at the tournament to those whom financial cost may be an obstacle, whatever age, nationality or place of living.

The system of the solidarity fund OUTREACH is therefore a financial assistance given to participants.

To be eligible for the OUTREACH

The solidarity fund is dedicated to people who want to participate to the tournament as athlete, but having a tough financial situation.

Part of the registration fees and/or transportation cost is then covered.


These are only financial criteria: the income from the applicant.

We would not consider personnal factors such as age, nationality, or place of living.

The resources are therefore taken into account to determinate the allocation amount as soon as supporting documents would be provided:

  • Tax notice and last salary statement,
  • Proof of transport (flights, train, car sharing, rental ...) if applicable.

calculating entitlements :

According resources, this table allows us to determinate if a requesting athlete is eligible to the « OUTREACH » solidarity fund based on social criteria.

The upper limit of this contribution is 350 euros maximum. This may vary depending applicant's resources (1950€ or equivalent currency before taxes).

The financial contribution is based on the "pack" subscribed during registration:

  • the registration fees for sport,
  • the option "transport tickets in IDF (Paris region metro & trains)" if selected,
  • the option "closing party" if selected.

A part of transportation costs may be potentially included in the financial contribution:

  • All modes of transport (flight, train, car sharing, rental…). For every request, a proof of transport and payment will be required.


Your file will be kept confidential and dealt with impartiality by the Outreach officer. Incomplete files would be refused.

The Outreach officer is commited to destroy all the supporting documents as soon as it has instructed and communicated the final decision to the applicant. (please plan about 15 days  after sending all requested documents).


The individual request to support expenses should be made during time of online registration by the applicant.

No advance may therefore be given or sent.

Terms of payment would be communicated separately by individual email.

+ info necessary ?

Please fell free to contact the Outreach commission to the following email: