Our sports Challenge(s): acting together for the health and well-being of all.

The International Tournament of Paris is committed to prevention and health promotion, a major concern in our society.


Indeed, investing in the field of prevention is a priority in order to improve living conditions and health-promoting behaviours.

With sport as an essential public health factor but also a vector of social integration, the Paris International Tournament is proving to be the "sport health inclusion" event of the year. It facilitates access to fun sports for all without exception.

Moreover, the preventive and curative virtues of sport in the face of sedentary lifestyles and chronic diseases are undeniable. The activity  is now recognized as a non-drug therapy.

Therefore, it is an opportunity for health system stakeholders to get involved and act in favour of the prevention of risk behaviours but also to promote sport health well-being. Through awareness stands but also workshops and fun activities, the goal is to inform the public about global health throughout
the competition (village, infrastructure and parties).

In this way, we wish to offer multi-thematic and public utility actions thanks to a collective mobilization!

... Work in progress ...

Feel free to ask us to take part in this project!

...For a health to the...TOP !!

For any suggestion and further information, please contact Amélie Decayeux at the health cluster at sante@paris‐tournament.com